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Lenape Middle School Athletics


Lenape Middle School Athletics


Concussion Information

Concussion Information


Lenape Middle School Concussion Education Information (2023-24)

Click on link below:

Concussion Education Link



                       Lenape Middle School Concussion Impact Testing 2023-24 (Winter Sports)

Baseline Impact Testing should be completed prior to participating in the following middle school winter sports: (Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Wresting, Winter Cheer) 

Any 7th grade students trying out for these sports MUST complete the IMPACT baseline concussion test prior to trying out. 

Any 8th grade students playing these sports who have not previously completed the IMPACT baseline concussion test must do so as well.   If you completed this as a 7th grader for any other sport, you do NOT need to take it again.

Please follow the directions below to complete the Impact Baseline Concussion Test

Impact Baseline Concussion Test Directions

In order to have the most accurate baseline score, all students should complete the Impact Test in a home environment that is free from distraction. To help create an environment free of distractions we are asking students to follow the steps below while taking the test.  (Approx. 30 minutes).

· Cell phones/Tablets are left in another room or are powered down.

· Test is taken in a room with no TV or Radio on.

· Test is taken independently or alone and free from distraction of other household members.

2. Type the following link in your browser.

(Please use Google Chrome and ensure the pop-up blocker is disabled.)  

3. Enter Code: R2ZWE767UH

4. Click Validate

5. Select Lenape Middle School in the drop-down box.

6. Click launch test

7. Enter your Full first and last name. No nicknames or shortened versions.

8. Please fill out ALL additional demographic information.

a. Please fill out all sports you participate in during the school year

9. Once completed, you can simply exit out of the program.